Responsibilities of a Block Manager

Responsibilities of a Block Manager

Responsibilities of  a Block Manager

Block management companies are hired to run a communal property effectively, covering all bases, from finances to neighbourhood disputes. Management companies could be employed to operate in any communal area, whether it be a residential block of flats or communal offices. Either way, the list of responsibilities for a block manager is wide-ranging and extensive.

Are you debating whether to start a career in block management? Or are you a landlord looking to offer the service? Here is a list of just some the responsibilities of a property manager you need to be aware of.

* Creating and monitoring any ongoing contracts with outside companies or contractors while ensuring only approved contractors are hired to work on your property. A badly job done can upset tenants and decrease the value of a block.

* Resolving any potential issues or repairs quickly and efficiently so they do not become a larger and more expensive problem in the future.

* Making sure your site is fully up-to-date with health and safety regulations

* Solving any neighbourhood issues such as noise complaints or other disputes

* Collecting rent or any money from tenants

* Responsibility for visiting and monitoring all sites under your care and carrying appropriate legal documentation on of each of these visits

* Conducting regular inspections of your property to ensure no issues have arisen in recent day or weeks

* Management of the insurance of the property

* Solving any issues (neighbourhood or physical damage) quickly and efficiently to ensure tenants have the best experience.

These are just a few of the responsibilities a block or manager has when dealing with property. A block management company deals with ensuring that the landlord and tenant laws are obeyed, as well as other legal requirements, however, it is the property manager themselves who deal with the day to day needs and upkeep of the building.

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